COVID-19 How to ensure you’ll never catch the virus (satire)

By | January 27, 2021

Today, I stopped at a traffic light at a busy intersection, and as is common in many Latin American countries, there was a line of people selling items or begging for money. One man in particular caught my attention. He was hopping along on crutches, and as he approached my car, I wound down the window, handed him a bunch of coins, and asked him, “What happened to your leg my friend?”

“Corona virus” came his reply.

Somewhat shocked, I said “Corona virus caused you to lose your leg? Is this a new development?”

“No”, he said, they cut it off to protect me from the virus. They said that no-one with only one leg has ever died from the virus, or even caught the virus. So, I thought it was better to be alive with only one leg than be dead with two”

He continued, “They said that according to statistics, this was the best way to make sure that I would be protected from the virus for the rest of my life. Now I don’t need to be scared anymore. I am completely immune”, he said mustering a smile, whilst struggling to retain his balance.

I didn’t know what to say. So I blurted out “Didn’t they offer you any other choices?”

“Yes”, “They said that if they cut off one of my arms or just one foot  then there was a high probability that I would never contract the virus but not a 100% guarantee, because some people with only one arm or one foot had caught the virus, although very few in number. I considered this, but I thought it was better to be done with it once and for all, and get the whole leg off”

“Oh”, “And how do you feel now? Was it worth it?”

“Oh yes”, replied the man, “Now I can relax, safe in the knowledge that I followed the official advice and that now I will never die from the virus. The wife’s having her leg off next week, and I’m thinking of having the kids done as well, After all, it’s my duty to protect them. Then the whole family can stop being afraid. True, I can’t work anymore, but there are no jobs now anyway. The virus has put a stop to that”.

I drove off, pondering the man’s predicament. 

So, he was so scared and panicked by the possibility of dying from the corona virus that he chose to assuage his fears by incapacitating himself and his family for the rest of their lives.

Are there no limits to what people will do if they are sufficiently afraid? It is not enough that a large percentage of the world is in quarantine, with restrictions imposed upon them as to when they can leave their own homes, millions losing their jobs, and now losing their limbs as well?  When and where will we draw the line? When is enough, enough? When will you say “NO” not that. I won’t do that? When they cut off your limbs for your protection? When they take your children away for their protection? It seems to me that they can do whatever they want to you as long as they say it is for your protection. And you will agree, without question. Won’t you?

This man, who is now a cripple, really trusts and believes the powers that be, whatever they say; and that they really are acting in his best interests; to protect him, irrespective of what they choose to do to him. And he is not alone. But, the statistics and the ensuing official advice are changing all the time. What if, next week, the “official statistics” show that in fact, losing one leg is not enough to protect you? Both legs need to come off to ensure immunity. Will he cut off the other leg as well, Would you? I know this is an extreme, even ridiculous  example, but where do you draw the line. Where?

How about your children? Would you draw the line in the sand at them being damaged? Would you agree to amputate your children’s limbs, or for them to be mutilated in some other way to protect them? Or that your children, will be barcoded like a can of beans in a supermarket, and taken away for their protection  and put into a government facility? Yes, No? Where do you draw the line? There has to come a point when you say no, that’s enough. But where is it? Think about it.

You think this is a joke? Only a few months ago we were all living our lives normally and in freedom. Then wham! The corona virus pandemic arrives and the whole world was turned upside down, and into a fascist police state. They have imposed controls over the minute detail of our daily existence and restricted or abolished practically everything that makes us human. Normal, everyday activities have become a crime; they are squeezing the joy out of our lives. But not to worry, it’s all for our own good; all to protect us. Right?

If I had told you only a few months ago that any of this was going to happen, you would have said I was crazy, and that “they” would never do that. But they have.

And then there is Bill Gates who says “Normalcy only returns when the entire world population has been vaccinated”- with his fake “vaccine”, and that “mass gatherings might never be allowed again”.

And Michael Ryan, a top WHO Official who says – “It’s time to remove people from their homes for their safety”  

So what’s next? They are  already saying that Covid-19 may spread through cats & dogs in next phase of pandemic. Then they might come to take them away. Is this OK with you, or is this the point upon which you will stand up and say no? Is this where you will draw the line?

The longer the restrictions are in force, the harder it will be to reverse them. Have you noticed that wearing masks, social distancing and not shaking hands is already accepted as normal behaviour? The world might never be the same again, and there are no limits to what “they” can and will subject us to if we let them.

If we all silently acquiesce to the erosion of our basic freedoms, and accept without question whatever “they” deem fit to impose upon us, things will get worse and worse, and who knows maybe one day, my satirical tilt at these extreme measures to protect yourself from the virus will be no longer be satire. Because if we do not impose a limit to what “they” can do to us, then there will be no limit.

All that evil needs to succeed is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

Our lives begin to end that day we become silent about things that matter” – Martin Luther King

The time is short now, where not a single person on this planet will be exempt from making very difficult choices that will no longer be optional.

If we do nothing, what is unthinkable today could become another “new normal” tomorrow.