The COVID-19 Vaccines

There are many Corona viruses, which have been in existence for many, many years. During all of this time, and despite many attempts, no one has ever successfully produced an effective vaccine. Just as it has proved impossible, despite multitudes of attempts, for any pharmaceutical company to produce an effective vaccine for the common cold, which has similar symptoms to  this corona virus.

Normally it would take at  least 5 years to develop and test any vaccine (or drug) for long term safety. So, it is undeniable that nobody knows what the effects of these vaccines will be on human health in a few years time

Adverse reactions of the fake "vaccines"

Doctors Raise the Alarm on Blood Clotting. Many doctors have spoken out about the blood clotting and micro blood clotting they have found through D-Dimer tests and optical microscopy in their COVID injected patients, including Dr. Charles Hoffe and Robert O. Young MSc., DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner.  Read More HERE >>

Here are some examples of people who had severe reactions to the COVID injections. This does not make for pleasant viewing, but I urge you to look and be aware of the risks before committing yourself to have your DNA modified irreversibly by these experimental COVID injections.

The “Vaccines” ARE NOT SAFE. If they are, why would the UK Government award a contract worth 1.5 million pounds to create an AI based computer system to help them keep track of the huge number of adverse reactions. They expect so many that their existing system will not be able to cope. This is in October 2020, months BEFORE vaccination started. Read More HERE >>

THE UK GOVERNMENT KNEW in advance that hundreds of thousands of people would be injured by these fake “vaccines”. And they were right.   Here are the numbers of injuries and deaths so far

Now they are injecting the fake “vaccines”, and counting how many people get seriously ill or die to know just how UNSAFE the y really are. And they say that they do not know whether the injection will make you infertile!. Is that OK with you? Here is the evidence of this from Pfizer’s own safety trials.

It is an experiment  – the biggest ever using humans as the guinea pigs. They are playing Russian roulette with your health.

FIRSTLY .. The COVID-19 mRNA shots are not vaccinesThese mRNA injections are gene therapies that do not fulfill a single criteria or definition of a vaccine. Read more HERE >>

AND .. The manufacturers have absolutely NO LIABILITY for ANY damages or deaths caused by their vaccines. If you die or are injured, tough!. You cannot make a claim against them. They are untouchable! The actual Law known as “the PREP Act” for  the USA is HERE >>.

  • Under the PREP Act, companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines.
  • A little-known government program provides benefits to people who can prove they suffered serious injury from a vaccine.
  • That program rarely pays, covering just 29 claims over the last decade. Read More HERE >>>

AND .. the vaccines are not even necessary as COVID19 has  more than a 99% survival rate and without ANY medical treatment. Most “positive cases” show no symptoms whatsoever.

AND .. THE VACCINES ARE NOT MEANT TO PROTECT YOU FROM CATCHING THE VIRUS.  They are only  “effective” at reducing the symptoms, and only for a few months. So even after vaccination, you can  still catch COVID, and still transmit the virus to others – but you might have a less severe cough or fever.  That’s it! That’s all they are intended to do. All of this is  from the manufacturers own data.

The vaccine is more dangerous than the virus. It might seriously damage your health, make you infertile,  or even kill you. The number of injuries and deaths following vaccination are increasing all the time. The evidence is HERE >>

So, why would on earth would you consent to taking the vaccine?


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Dr. David Martin explains why the mNRA “vaccines” from Moderna and Pfizer are NOT VACCINES. They are actually medical devices designed to lessen the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus but cannot protect you from catching it. AND they will probably male you more ill.

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Spiro Skouras. The COVID-19 vaccines are here – and there is a long list of serious potential side effects.

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James Corbett exposes the shocking truth about the COVID-19 vaccine trials, and how despite being vaccinated you can still catch the virus and transmit it to others.



CNN: ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ if People Start Dying After Taking the Vaccine. In an article on the COVID vaccine rollout, CNN says that Americans shouldn’t be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine because “deaths may occur that won’t necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine.”  Read more >>

Emergency COVID-19 vaccines may cause massive side effects. With COVID-19 vaccines on the precipice of mass distribution, news media are claiming they are 90% or even 95% efficient. But what does this really mean? And what do the manufacturers own trials say about the safety of their vaccines?   Read more >>

How COVID-19 vaccine trials are rigged. Shockingly, preventing infection with SARS-CoV-2 is not a criterion for success in these vaccine trials.  All they’re doing is testing to see if their COVID-19 vaccine will minimize common cold symptoms. They are not actually ensuring the vaccine will prevent serious COVID-19 complications.  Read more >>

COVID-19 How They Will Fake the Vaccine Success. Making a vaccine look like it’s a great success won’t be difficult for public health agencies. There are a number of strategies they could, and probably will,  use to fake it.  Independent researcher John Rappoport suggests a few possibilities.    Read more >>