Tales From the Front Line – Just 15 Minutes of Your Time

By | May 20, 2021

I took my car for its RITEVE (RTV, road worthiness inspection) the other day. As I drove into the test centre, an inspector stopped me and said sternly. “You have to wear a mask”.

“What?” I replied in shock, “You want me to wear a mask IN MY CAR?”

“It’s protocol”, answered the inspector.

“No, it’s ridiculous that’s what it is”, I said, “I refuse. I do not wear a mask, and I will certainly not wear a mask in my car, ever”.

So, the supervisor came. “It’s protocol. You have to wear a mask”. He insisted.

I refused again.

So then the Manager came. All the time a queue of cars is building up behind me.  “No mask IN YOUR CAR, no RTV” he reiterated.

I said “No, I won’t wear a mask in my car. I won’t submit to some ridiculous rule, I have more self-respect. But, I have already paid for my RTV, which I need, so can we find another solution?”

I suggested that I wait outside while one of his employees drives my car through the various checks. How about that? He said “No. Its protocol from the Ministry of Health. You have to wear a mask”.

I argued with him for 10 minutes. He actually agreed with most of my points including that the mask was nothing to do with protection. He thought the protocol was ridiculous too, BUT, HE STILL OBEYS, AND STILL ENFORCES IT!!

Then he said gently, “It’s only 15 minutes of your time. Can’t you just put the mask on for 15 minutes?” which eventually, being unprepared for this confrontation, and seeing no other option, I did. In fact, the manager walked my car through the inspection himself, giving me priority treatment, so the test only took 5 minutes!

I got my RTV sticker, and immediately ripped the mask off.

But this experience got me thinking. His argument that “It’s only 15 minutes of your time” was persuasive. Was it really such a big deal to put a mask on for 15 minutes? Was all the fuss and stress worth it for just 15 minutes of submission? After all, it’s only a little mask, and it is the official protocol of the Ministry of Health!

However, exactly the same persuasive reasoning can be used for the fraudulent and fake PCR test. It’s only a little swab and it too, only takes 15 minutes of your time. Is that so much of a big deal? Is it worth making such a fuss about?   

Then the next step in the argument is, of course, the fake COVID “vaccine”. That too can be administered in 15 minutes, and again, it’s only 15 minutes of your time. Why make such a fuss about it? After all, the Ministry of Health says it’s safe and effective. That’s all you need to know. Just roll your sleeve up, in goes the needle, and hey presto, it’s all over in 15 minutes!

But, do you see the danger here? Its only 15 minutes of your time, so why not just accept it?

Regarding the wearing of a mask, when I know it’s to condition me to obey ludicrous rules and regulations; and my self-respect and dignity is at stake, I say “NO”.

Regarding the fake PCR test, which I know cannot detect a virus in the first place, and for which there is as much as a 97% chance of it returning a false positive, and they are harvesting my DNA, again I say “NO”.

Regarding the fake “vaccine”, which I know is not a vaccine at all, but is an untested medical procedure to modify my bodies DNA, which might seriously damage my health or even kill me; and almost certainly will render my natural immune defences useless in the future; again I say “NO”.

I don’t care whether its 15 minutes, 15 seconds or 15 days of my time. I say “NO”. What is at stake is my self-respect, that’s what is important, not how long the procedure takes. If you are told to do something that you don’t want to do, and you know it is ridiculous, but you do it anyway, you have forfeited your self respect. This is why you should say “NO” to every one of these invented protocols.

After that humiliating experience of being forced to wear a mask in my car, I have decided that was the first and last time. I will NEVER go through that again. If this ludicrous protocol still exists when the next RTV is due, I will drive to the RTV station at the appointed time, refuse again to wear a mask in my car, and if they insist again, I will tell them “I DO NOT CONSENT” and drive away. I won’t do the RTV at all.

For me, my human dignity and self-respect is worth more than whatever they might do to me for driving without a valid RTV sticker. This would be an example of the much vaunted, but little practiced, “Civil Disobedience” in action.

We will only succeed in our efforts to resist this tyranny when we REFUSE to submit to the protocols, and when the enforcers (like the manager in the RTV station) STOP enforcing the protocols. When that happens, its game over. The authorities only have the power that WE give them. They govern only by our consent.  

So, please ask yourself, how much is 15 minutes of your time worth to you? Are you ready for Civil Disobedience? Are you ready to say “NO”, to actually DO something, to stand up and be seen, to take a risk? To stand up for what’s left of your ever dwindling personal freedoms?

If not, don’t complain as your freedoms are eroded little by little until you have no freedom left, and tell your children that while you had the chance to resist, while there was still time to resist, you did nothing. Yes, you discussed it, yes you knew where it was heading, yes you could see the world that they would have to live in, but in the end, you took no action. You did nothing. You stood by and watched it happen.

Unless we explicitly say NO and DO something to resist the plans of the Global Elite, the Davos class, they’ll take our silence and complacency as permission to proceed with their agenda. The Davos Class are pulling out all the stops now to get us to agree with their plans. Klaus Schwab is now openly calling for everyone to be micro-chipped, in our brains or under our skin –and let’s not forget that a microchip is in fact a miniature computer which is programmable!

BUT, they can’t advance their dystopian agenda without our approval.

By our inaction and silence, we tacitly give them our permission to go through with their evil agenda, their END GAME, which now, in the absence of visible resistance, is gathering pace, and the word which George Orwell envisaged in his prophetic novel “1984”, which he described as “a boot stamping on your face forever” is becoming more real by the day.