Other Truthful Sites

Uncensored Websites (EN)

Uncensored Websites (ES)

Uncensored Video Sites

Its time so stop using Youtube. They are censoring ANY alternative viewpoints. Here are the other options. Often, when a video is banned from Youtube, you will find it on one of these sites.

Uncensored Social Media Sites

Its time to stop using Facebook and Twitter? They are censoring more and more information. Stop using them. Take away their power.

  • Lyfeloop
  • Parler                        (Alternative to Twitter)
  • Mewe                         (Alternative to Facebook)
  •     (Alternative to Facebook)

Alternatives to Whatsapp Messaging

Its time to stop using Whatsapp. Its owned by Facebook, and is now invading your privacy and sending more and more of your personal data to the Mothership. Stop using it. Take away their power.

  • Signal – speak freely
  • Telegram  – a new era of messaging                   
  • Threema – secure and private messenger             
  • Wickr – managed secure messaging   
  • Wire – the most secure collaboration platform
  • Element – secure collaboration and amessaging
  • Keybase – secure messaging and file sharing

Alternatives to Google Search Engine

Contrary to popular opinion. Google is not the only search engine out there. There are many others which respect your right to privacy much more than Google.