Mice and Monkeys are Thanking You

By | March 11, 2021

Did you know that if you take the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine”, you are signing up to take part in a medical experiment?

Did you give your consent for this?

Did anyone tell you this?

It is an experiment, the largest ever carried out on an unsuspecting population. The vaccine manufacturers have no idea whether their vaccines will harm people or not. All adverse reactions, both temporary and permanent, and all deaths which occur, will be reported back to the vaccine manufacturers so that they can assess the safety of their vaccines.

Do you understand this?  

They are deceiving you. You are taking part in a medical experiment with untested vaccines, without your consent. They are testing the safety of their products ON YOU. They do not know what the long-term effects of these vaccines may be. They have no idea, but they will have a better idea in 2 years’ time when the results are in. So far this is not encouraging as many; many people have already died or have been seriously injured after taking the shot.

The stage 3 safety trials normally demanded BEFORE any drug or vaccine is used on human beings, usually last for years, but they have been skipped this time. Mice and monkeys around the world are no doubt breathing a collective sigh of relief, and are thanking you because you have taken their place.

AND . . you do know that if you suffer ANY health problems as a result of the vaccination, the manufacturers have absolutely NO LIABILITY. They can injure you, maim you for life, even kill you, and they will simply shrug and say -”Nothing to do with us”. You are on your own.

AND. . are you aware that the vaccines are not even intended to protect you from catching the virus or transmitting it? The manufacturers triumphantly claim that their vaccines are 95% effective. This they might be. BUT what they don’t explain is that they mean they are 95% effective AT REDUCING SYMPTOMS. That’s all their trials were meant to prove. That’s it!

AND  . .are you aware that the COVID-19 virus has a 99.4 % recovery rate, usually without any treatment or even showing any symptoms!

AND  . . are you aware that the total number of deaths from all causes, in every country for which I have seen the statistics, are LESS than last year and the year before? Did you know this? So this is NOT a lethal virus. This fact alone is proof enough.

AND  . are you aware of the ever growing list of vaccine injuries being reported from all around the world? People suffering facial paralysis, uncontrollable body spasms, and death.

So why, why, why, would anyone play Russian roulette with their health to take the mRna shot, knowing that:

  1. It will not protect you from catching the virus anyway
  2. It might seriously damage your health or even kill you
  3. Is not even necessary
  4. There will be no return to normal afterwards. The “experts” say that even after the vaccine you will STILL have to wear a mask, social distance etc.

If, armed with this knowledge, you still want to take the vaccine, and it is your free choice, then so be it. But in that case, please reply and explain to me why you want to do this?

Does the benefit outweigh the risks?