There is no doubt that many, many people have now realised that the measures and controls put in place all around the world, to “protect us from the COVID-19 virus”; masks, social distancing, lock-downs, quarantines, curfews and all the rest, have absolutely NOTHING to do with protection from a lethal virus.  More and more people now know that there IS NO PANDEMIC, and that the COVID-19 gene therapies masquerading as vaccines are untested, highly dangerous, and are not even necessary.

A growing number of people also realise that this is a PLAN-demic, all planned years ago, and now playing out all around the world. There is an Agenda, a plan of action, which is no longer hidden in the shadows, but has reared its ugly head for all to see.

But, I hear you ask, why would “they” do this? Who are “they” and what are they planning? Where is it all going to end?

Well, the answers are here.

All is explained in the videos and text below. Please take the time to watch them. We are in a war now. There are no bombs dropping from the sky, but we are in a war nevertheless; a war for our minds, our freedom and our children’s freedom.

There is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING that is more important than realising what is really happening, where this is really headed and TAKING ACTION to stop it. The information provided below will tell you what kind of world “they” have planned for us.

If you are coming to this information for the first time, please try to keep an open mind and watch and listen.

The tagline for this website is “Shining a light on lies and manipulation”, because once you realise that you have been lied to and manipulated, you can’t be manipulated anymore.  You start to use your innate intelligence to question everything and use your own discernment to decide what is true and what is right.

“They” are terrified of this, of a population who are informed and think for themselves.

For “them”, it’s their worst nightmare; a population who they cannot lie to and manipulate anymore.

For us, it’s the path to taking back our freedom.

David Icke from England talks to Toronto Caribbean and answers the BIG questions. Based upon his 30 years of research, he explains why this is happening, who is behind it and how they intend to pull it off.

The Global End Game and the Great Reset explained.    Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum at DAVOS lay out their plans to own and control everything on the planet. EVERYTHING.

They say you will own nothing and you will be happy.

Summary: The aims of the New World Order also now known as The Great Reset

  • Centralised Global Power and control over the entire world population.
  • A World Government
    • The European Union is a stepping stone for this
    • Run by Technocrats who are not elected, but appointed
    • No more elections, the end of democracy.
  • A World Army
    • NATO is a stepping stone to this
    • To impose the will of the World Government
  • A World Central Bank
    • European Central Bank is a stepping stone
    • To control ALL world finance
  • A World Currency
    • No physical cash
    • Single global electronic currency, centrally issued and controlled
    • All digital with all transactions monitored and controlled
    • This digital currency may have an expiration date imbedded
  • Permanent, constant surveillance of everyone, everywhere
    • Complete censorship of dissent.
    • Only official narrative allowed.
    • Re-education camps for dissenters – China already does this
  • Humans connected to (and controlled) by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Internet of Bodies (IoB) connected to AI
    • Human body becomes a computer operating system (like Windows)
    • Implemented by mRNA “vaccines”, containing regular “software updates”
    • Nano bots in human body which can communicate with “the cloud”
  • Total dependence on the State
    • Destruction of independent businesses and employment (lockdowns are a step towards this).
    • Social credit system like China, only “good citizens” can travel etc
    • Dependence on state hand-outs. Do what you’re told , or else
  • A brutal military police state
  • The end of borders, countries and national identity.
    • One Global State controlled by the Global Elite

Catherin Austin Fitts. The New Global Economic System, Total Control of the World Population and more.

El nuevo sistema económico globalista de Control Totalitario. De “Planeta en Confinamiento”.

Subtítulos en español/Spanish subitles

Dave Cullen from Ireland explains what is planned, what it might lead to, and at the end, gives an inspiring message of hope. Please take the time to watch this all the way through. It is worth it! 

The Global Elite want TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. This is what the future might look like if they succeed:

  • People crammed into tiny apartments in “smart” cities, with total surveillance (see Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030)
  • Reduction of world population to 500 million (see Georgia Guidestones)
    • People rendered infertile via vaccination (already happening)
    • 5G and EMF radiation saturation leading to illness and death
    • 5G at 60Ghz interferes with absorption of oxygen and kills people
  • All National Parks, countryside and nature reserves for the Elite only
  • People living in a virtual reality (VR) world with minimum physical human contact
    • No more mass gathering (football, concerts etc)
    • Masks and social distancing forever
    • No interaction with (dangerous) other people
    • No interaction with (dangerous) pets
  • Universal guaranteed income (a pittance) which you only get if
    • You are an obedient citizen and do what you’re told without question
    • You are FULLY vaccinated
  • More “pandemics” and dangerous viruses to come; constant “vaccinations”
  • More and more extreme controls till no personal choice and freedom left
    • Permission required to do EVERYTHING
    • No more personal travel – only for “the Elite and “good citizens”
    • No more cars – only driver-less cars which will only take you where you have authorisation to go
    • Little reason to leave your home. Everything delivered to you by drone
    • Quotas on what you can buy and where you can buy it
    • Permanent night time curfews
    • Movements restricted to permitted local areas
  • Total real-time surveillance enabled via 5G networks
    • Everyone to be chipped and tracked like a parcel
  • Constant stress, worry and fear rammed home incessantly by the media
  • Engineered food shortages
    • Forced to eat artifical, synthetic food (eg meat already happening)
  • Total debt relief in return for handing over ALL possessions
    • Ordinary people will own NOTHING
    • Global Elite will OWN EVERYTHING

Surely, the fact that all of this is already in motion, cannot have escaped your attention?

The question now is, what are you prepared to do about it? Do you want yourself and your children to live in such a world?

If you do nothing, then you might be telling to your children this short story in the near future – but I hope not.