Fake Death Statistics

Millions of people are dying of COVID-19. Should I be afraid??

No. Millions of people have had their death certificates altered to say “COVID-19” when in fact they died of other causes.

Doctors are being instructed to put COVID-19 as the cause of death, even when the dead person has not been tested for COVID-19.

Patients who have been in intensive care units in a hospital for weeks and months with life threatening diseases, are a COVID-19 death when they die. 

Plus, there are thousands of posts on social media saying that a family member died from natural causes, or in an accident, but every time “COVID-19 was put on the death certificates.

The evidence is HERE >>

Why would hospitals put COVID-19 if it’s not true?.

In the USA, for every patient admitted to a hospital with COVID-19, the hospital gets $13’000, and if that patient is put on a ventilator, they get $39’000. So there is a huge financial incentive – even though 90% of all patients who get put on a ventilator never leave the hospital. They die.

There are many testimonies from doctors and nurses .HERE >>

Also, because people are not dying of COVID-19, in order to keep the fear mongering going, the number of deaths needs to be inflated.

Why do the doctors not speak out?

Doctors and medical professionals have been ordered to keep quiet. They have been threatened that if they speak the truth about what is really happening, they will lose their jobs and more. Some brave doctors have spoken out. They are quickly attacked, censored and their careers and reputations are destroyed by the medical mafia and mainstream media.

However, more and more doctors are now refusing to keep quiet. There is a growing movement of medical professionals who are prepared to tell the truth about what is happening.

The evidence is HERE >>

Are the death statistics really false?

Yes. Whilst they say COVID-19 deaths are increasing, at the same time, deaths from heart attack, stroke etc ie “normal causes” are decreasing because now, huge numbers of deaths are attributed to COVID-19. However, a person cannot die twice.

The proof is that, the overall total number of deaths per year IS NOT increasing, In fact in many countries, (USA, UK, Italy, Costa Rica . . ) the number of deaths from all causes IS LESS than last year. The governments own statistics confirm this. The evidence is HERE >>

So, where is the deadly pandemic? .