.. AND HUMOUR. The restrictive measures imposed using the pandemic as an excuse are crushing the joy out of our lives. This is by design, but we must not let them grind us down.

We need to laugh, and so here is some humour and some lighthearted, satirical pieces to help you laugh and smile.


The popular game FIFA 2022 in the COVID era. 

Now with updated features to truly reflect every aspect of the game today. Watch video HERE >>

I laughed so much I cried.


Hey Greta – 10 minutes of your time will end your Climate Crisis (satire).

Greta, I have the solution that you and your millions of flowers seek. A way to end your Climate Crisis once and for all. All it will take is 10 minutes of your precious time. Not much of your time at all, to be able to put an end the perceived Climate Emergency which has been your obsessive preoccupation for so many years now.

Of course, it involves a small personal sacrifice, but surely it’s worth it to . . . READ MORE >>

Global Warming Latest – Santa Claus Found (satire)

In yet another stunning revelation from the pro-global warming scientists, and with the full backing of the Church of Climatology and the IPCC, we have just learned that they can now prove beyond any doubt, what skeptics have doubted for many years. Santa Claus really does exist.

His house, toy factory and his elves and reindeer have been discovered   READ MORE >>>

Covid19 – The unbelievable characteristics of this Incredible Virus (satire)

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have found that Covid-19 can hide inside and behind the human ear. What? The virus plays games now. It enjoys a game of hide and seeks while it is waiting for its chance to surge into your body and infect you!   READ MORE >>>

Covid19 – How to ensure you will never catch the virus (satire).

Today, I stopped at a traffic light at a busy intersection, and as is common in many Latin American countries, there was a line of people selling items or begging for money. One man in particular caught my attention. He was hopping along on crutches, and as he approached my car, I wound down the window, handed him a bunch of coins, and asked him, “What happened to your leg my friend?”

“Corona virus” came his reply.  READ MORE >>>

Covid19 – Important new research findings you need to know about (satire).

Medical experts have just announced exciting new findings in the area of protection against the devilishly infectious and extremely lethal COVID19 virus. Several research groups have made significant breakthroughs in recent weeks in the race to find the best measures of protection against the virus.  READ MORE >>>