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Just say NO! – Its Now or Never

We ALL need to say “NO” to wearing masks and all the ridiculous rules that everyone submits to.  Not just from time to time but ALL the time! Every day, everywhere.

If you don’t stand up and refuse to comply now, the price you will pay in the near future will be far worse than whatever you imagine the consequences will be today for your resistance.

Does the virus COVID-19 exist?

There is no scientific proof that the virus known as COVID-19 actually exists, as it has never been properly, scientifically purified and isolated. The evidence for this is on this page. 

There is a 1,5 million Euro reward for any virologist in the world who presents scientific proof of the existence of  the virus known as SARS-COV-2 ( COVID-19), including documented control attempts of all steps taken in the proof.

How the World Once Was (a Short Story)

It was bedtime in the Walker household. As little James climbed into his bed, and his Dad tucked him in, he asked with a sleepy yawn:

“Daddy, will you tell me a bedtime story?”

“Of course”, said his Dad. “Which one would you like?”

“Well, you promised to tell me your story of “How the World Once Was”, said James.

COVID-19 A Time For Unity

Even in the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves right now, I see many people still focused on politics. Arguing about Trump and Biden, republicans versus democrats, conservatives versus liberals and so on. It is time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.