COVID-19 A Time For Unity

By | January 30, 2021

Even in the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves right now, I see many people still focused on politics. Arguing about Trump and Biden, republicans versus democrats, conservatives versus liberals and so on. It is time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

The COVID-19 situation is not a political issue, it is not a health issue, and it is not just about a little mask on your face.

It is an issue that affects ALL of humanity. It is about freedom.

We are now in the first stage of a long-time planned program towards total control of humanity on a global basis.

Just look at what is happening in China with their social credit system, in New Zealand and Australia now with renewed lockdowns, and in Israel with vaccine passports..

Just listen to the words of Bill Gates, who already knows that there will be a second wave of COVID and it will be much worse than the first. He says with a smile that “It will really get your attention” How does he know this?

Just listen to the words of the WHO official Michael Ryan who openly states that they will have to enter your homes and remove your children or others to protect them from infected persons in the home. Are you OK with that?

The masks are not about your health. There is much scientific evidence to show that they are of no use against a virus. This is about compliance. It’s about teaching us to obey and not to question authority so that the Technocrats can advance their agenda more quickly.

This is why it’s so important to resist and say “NO” to this tyranny.

You can ignore what is happening and continue to argue about politics, but when there is a boot stamping on your face, will you still be arguing about whether you prefer the boot to be on the left foot or the right foot?

So please, can we stop arguing amongst ourselves and come together to resist the total tyranny which is being imposed upon us right now. It is time to put our personal prejudices aside.

We need to unite, not be divided. We need to help and support one another if we are to retain any semblance of freedom.

When the lock downs and restrictions on our freedom were first introduced, we were told that it was only for a few weeks to “flatten the curve”. Now, a year later, they are still here. Can you even remember the degree of freedom you had only 12 months ago?

If we do nothing, can you imagine what the world will be like 12 months from now? Do you want to live in such a world? I don’t.

If you truly value your freedom, then you need to stand up and resist.

If we continue to acquiesce and offer no resistance, the restrictions will be increased, until we have no freedoms left.

More and more people around the world are waking up now, acknowledging what is happening and saying “NO, I do not consent”. This is what the demonstrations taking place in London, Berlin and all around the world are all about.

You can choose to ignore this if you like, that is your right.

However, in several months’ time, if someone knocks at your door, forces you to take a COVID test, “says” it is positive, and then takes your children away for their protection, I will take no satisfaction in saying “I told you so”.



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