Top 10 Reasons to Avoid the COVID Vaccines

By | January 27, 2021

Here are the 10 most important things for you to know before making a decision about COVID vaccination. All of this information comes from official sources, either the vaccine manufacturers themselves, or governments.

  1. The vaccine WILL NOT protect you from catching COVID-19.
  2. The vaccine WILL NOT stop you spreading the virus. 
  3. There will be no return to normal afterwards. The “experts” say that even after the vaccine you will STILL have to wear a mask, social distance etc.
  4. There have been many, many serious injuries and deaths around the world due to these vaccines.
  5. If you suffer ANY health problems as a result of the vaccination, the manufacturers have absolutely NO LIABILITY. They can injure you, maim you for life, even kill you, and they will simply shrug and say -”Nothing to do with us”. You are on your own.
  6. The vaccine IS NOT EVEN NECESSARY as there is a 99.4% recovery rate from COVID-19, usually without any medical treatment.
  7. Since the pandemic started, there has been NO INCREASE in the total number of deaths from all causes, in every country for which I have seen the statistics. This is because virtually ALL deaths are being recorded as COVID-19 to keep the fear going. The problem is, you can’t die more than once, so every death counted as COVID, is a death NOT counted from the real cause (eg heart attacks). So, the TOTAL number of deaths HAS NOT INCREASED during the so called Pandemic. This is clear PROOF of the scam, the hoax, and that THERE IS NO DEADLY VIRUS. Here is an example from official government statistics in Cost Rica
    • 2020 – 23’056 deaths
    • 2019 – 24’280 deaths
    • 2018 – 23’801 deaths
    • 2017 – 23’337 deaths
  8. The manufacturers triumphantly claim that their vaccines are 95% effective. This they might be. BUT what they don’t explain is that they mean they are 95% effective AT REDUCING SYMPTOMS. That’s all their trials were meant to prove. That’s it!
  9. They are deceiving you. You are taking part in a medical experiment with untested vaccines, without your consent. The tests they usually do on laboratory animals (rats, mice and monkeys) they are doing ON YOU INSTEAD. They do not know what the long-term effects of these vaccines may be.
  10. These “vaccines” are not vaccines at all. They are genetic modifications. They will make irreversible changes to your DNA, which might make your natural immune system defenses useless against ANY future virus, or infection.

If, armed with this knowledge, you still want to take the vaccine, and it is your free choice, then so be it. But in that case, please reply and explain to me why you want to do this?